The Israel Prayer Guide

Major Source: “Facts and Myths“, Casperi publication, 1999,

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PROFILE: Jewish Believers in Israel


1. Only 1/10th of 1% of Israel population express faith in Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah.  Made up of over 7000 Believers out of 7 million population, they are being added to daily.  Over last 20 years the messianic movement has grown from a few individuals to current numbers, mainly through one on one relationship evangelism. It is illegal to share the gospel with Israelis under 18.

 2. Few believers are native Israelis -most have immigrated from another country.  Only 500 of 7000 were born in Israel. Outreach to native-born has been ineffective in the past. However this is improving rapidly as Hebrew-speaking believers impact their communities and social circles.
3. They worship in more than 70 congregations or home groups nationwide.   These groups are mostly independent without denomination affiliation,   Approximately 50% evangelical/50% charismatic in style and doctrine.   Only a few own meeting space and most use unconventional office space or homes which are temporary.  Space is limited for children ministries, bible study, etc.  
Limited number of resources/books in native Hebrew language available.   Most services and bible studies are translated into 2 – 4 languages due to immigration status of majority  Transportation to meet is limited and congregations do not post signs or listings in directories -  (only a small minority own a car and public buses do not run on Sabbath (Saturday)

 4. They have limited free time to worship, study, pray, & fellowship.  Work 6 days/week is common,  many hold 2 jobs due to 50% tax rate and low pay rates.

5. Ministry development is in beginning stages.  There is a few young pro-life ministries, a campus ministry, a national evangelism effort, one small Bible school, two drug rehab homes, 2 book publishers, several discipleship programs and two national youth ministries. Worship songwriters have published 3 songbooks and a few Hebrew-language CD’s.

6. Most believers eventually suffer persecution or life-threatening situations. They also may suffer isolation, unemployment, poverty, and lack of strong biblical training. Meetings can be protested and picketed by Anti-missionary groups of Orthodox Jews. Many believers lose family relationships, housing, jobs, and some have their civil rights threatened. The Israeli Govt/Courts have ruled that anyone claiming faith in Jesus can not be Jewish and therefore new applicants are denied citizenship if discovered. Non-Jewish visitors are limited to 3-month visa and must leave the country after that time.


1. PROTECTION AND PROVISION FOR ALL (Psalm 91 “ Surely He will deliver you from the snare of the fowler and cover you.”)

2. NEW BELIEVERS to be strongly grounded in the Word and brought to maturity in the faith.
 (Col.1:9 “ be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding, walking worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him.”
3. MAY BELIEVERS  prosper and find favour with family, employer, landlord, and neighbours.
( Psalm 41:2 “The Lord protect him and preserve his life, He will bless him in the land and not surrender him..” )

4. FOR THE GENTILE CHURCH TO PRAY and support the Israeli believers in prayer and resources
( Gal. 6:10, “Let us do good to those of the household of faith”)